Dear future adopters!

We want to send our animals to a happy life when they can leave; they have seen and experienced enough negative things.

For us it is not about bringing as much dogs out of the country as quickly as possible, for us it is important that every dog finds its right home, in which it stays until its last breath. Romanian, German, Dutch, Belgian and Danish animal rights activists work for this Hand. We do this in our free time and we love to do it with pleasure.

 Please think about the following points before contacting us:


  •     Can I do justice to the animal and its needs with my current environment / my current living conditions?
  •     Can I meet the animal and its needs even if my living conditions (e.g. new job, separation from my partner) change?
  •     Can I cover high veterinary costs in an emergency?
  •     Do all family members agree to the addition to the family? The landlord too?

Of course, life sometimes makes changes that you and we cannot influence. Then we will be there for you.

We understand only too well that especially when it comes to animal welfare abroad, the pictures are often very pitiful, that you want to get the animal out of the cold, especially in winter, that you want to provide it with a soft bed and food and that you absolutely want to save it. Nevertheless, the animals need more than food, love and a warm basket; Please be aware that at some point the past is also the past and the animals “demand”, be it movement, experiencing things, security and clear signals. We don't want to scare you off, on the contrary, there is nothing better as a life with a dog or a cat and being a well-rehearsed team with your animal. Nevertheless, it is a consideration for years to come.

Should you answer all of these with "Yes!", "Definitely!" and "Of course!" answered, we look forward to reading from you!



 Adoptions to Denmark / Sweden:


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