Shelter Summer Days 2022 - 20.07.- 31.07. 2022 - Come and Join us!

Not long now, and it's that time again.... A group of 10-15 people, some of whom know each other from last year or have never seen each other before, spend 7-10 days at Maria's Shelter doing what needs to be done: Craft projects are implemented, dogs are cataloged and photographed, clean up, put away and rearrangement is the order of the day. Projects so far for July: An outdoor shower to make this place, piece by piece, an attractive place for Work and Travel or other escapees from everyday life, so that Maria finally gets relief...Pouring concrete to cope with the mud in fall and winter.... Repairing, improving and renewing...there is a lot of work ahead of us! 

In the evening we like to sit together in the hotel and eat, the atmosphere is always very relaxed...whether you want to join the team or just stay for yourself is up to you... one evening we sit until eleven, the other we fall into bed at nine...just as we like and feel :)


So if you feel like joining us, please check out the link:


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