How can you help?


Your donation helps to ensure the supply of food, covers veterinary bills, helps with castration, and works in the shelter.

We work on a voluntary basis and 100% of the donations flow into the work related to the care and safety of the animals.

Food wishlist

Get to our current wish list here and support you directly with food.

Amazon Wishlist

Our 2nd wish list - we are always very happy about these things. You choose, order and it will be sent directly to us.


Teaming is a tool to support charitable causes with micro donations of € 1 a month.
The philosophy is that you can't do much with just one euro ... but if we team up, then we can make dreams come true!
Click here for our teaming group.


Would you like to help a dog but can't adopt? Become a sponsor and make sure you are provided with a monthly contribution.

Active help in romania

Whether for a week or longer - we are always happy to have helping hands on site.
Help with the care of the animals, taking photos of the dogs, technical help or just cuddling the dogs - any support is very welcome, as unfortunately there are no other helpers on site.


Support our heart project on


Donations in kind for our animals in romania