What is Teaming?


Teaming is a tool to support charitable causes with micro donations of € 1 a month.
The philosophy is that you can't do much with just one euro ... but if we team up, then we can make dreams come true!


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Who is Teaming?



How do I become a "Teamer"?

Click on the button - join our teaming group - follow the steps: Register and choose the payment method for your 1 euro.
Teaming automatically collects the euro every month and sends it to Hilfe statt Trost n.e.V.


The most important informations:

Only € 1 per month
You donate € 1 per month. Nothing more, nothing less. You can of course stop at any time.

Charitable purposes
Teaming is there to help with charitable causes.

Without restrictions
There is no time limit for fundraising. There is also no withdrawal limit for donations or for transferring funds to the bank account. Every euro donated is yours.

Recurring donations
Teamers donate the euro monthly. This means that the charity constantly receives these donations, which also gives the projects sustainability. Teaming is very clear due to the monthly recurring payments and can also be easily included in the household bills, since the annual costs remain the same all the time.

High security standard
The security in teaming is guaranteed. We use an encrypted connection (https) and we invest a large part of our budget in data protection and the operation of the platform. In addition, Teaming strictly adheres to the European data protection guidelines - you will not receive any spam or any other requests.

100% Toll Free
Teaming is free. No fees are charged, neither to teamers nor to teaming managers. This ensures that 100% of your euro arrives at the animal shelter.

We would be glad to welcome YOU as a TEAMER of Hilfe statt Trost !  THANK YOU !