Thoughts before adoption

Animal welfare goes beyond national borders. Every animal deserves a chance for a dignified life.
The circumstances in Romania and the suffering of the animals have prompted us to do voluntary work there.
Therefore, we thank you for considering adopting an animal from abroad.

The aim is not to place as many dogs or cats from Romania as possible, but to find them the right home.
The dogs are often street dogs or were given away in public shelters / killings in Romania by their own owners or by dog catchers.
Often there are questions about housetraining, leash walking, behaviour with children or cats.
Most dogs will not yet know a leash, harness or collar, as they have had no one to walk them in their previous lives.
They do not know basic commands; they have not been taken in the car (or if they have we do not know), so no conclusions can be made about whether the dog likes to drive or even use public transport.
The dogs are rarely house-trained to begin with, as they usually did not have a home where they had to be or could learn to be.
They also usually don't know stairs and they are suspicious of them at first.
The dogs never had enough food and never had their own bowl, so they should be fed separately from the existing dogs in the beginning to avoid food envy.
The animals do not know a fixed daily routine. However, experience so far shows that the dogs usually learn very quickly. But please let your dog set the pace, you will notice when he is ready for new shores. Surely sit and down can wait for some time!
Let your new dog arrive, give him the time he needs to settle in. Give him a place to retreat to, don't overload him with lots of new walks in the first few days so that he sees as much as possible.

They don't know how to walk yet. When the time has come, secure your dog for walks with a safety harness, collar and double leash (double security). Please do not let your dog run into the garden. Fences that you think are insurmountable are quite often no obstacle at all and do not leash your dog during walks.

The dogs are often very tired the first few days and sleep a lot, as they have probably never had the peace and security of sleeping through the night in their lives. It is possible that the stress of transport and the change of food will affect the stomach and digestion in the first few days. 
It is important to know that you have a responsibility for your pet and to be aware in advance that your new pet may need medical treatment - especially if it is old.
Please think carefully before you decide to take in an animal.

We can only ever say how the dogs behave in Romania, it may be that they behave differently in the new environment, this is also normal.
As our dogs are in Romania, it is not possible to visit them beforehand - unless you would like to make the journey to Romania yourself.

Because it is important that it becomes a "home forever".


Adoption procedure

Please fill out the self-disclosure form first.

We will then contact you to clarify any questions and exchange further information.
Before the adoption, a homecheck takes place in the new home. This visit serves to get to know each other personally and to clarify the situation so that everyone is safe and happy.

After a positive homecheck, you will receive your protection contract and the dog will be reserved for you.
A protection fee will be charged.

Why is there a protection fee?
No one earns anything from the protection fee, we all work 100% on a voluntary basis.
The costs incurred for the dog/cat must be covered, e.g. veterinary costs, vaccinations, microchip, transport, food costs,...
If there is anything left over from the protection fee, it will be used to pay for the food and veterinary costs in Romania. Unfortunately, many of the animals there do not manage to find a home and have to be cared for in Romania for the rest of their lives.

Transport is organised, all dogs and cats travel officially registered with Traces papers and EU vaccination card.

All dogs are vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and tested with a rapid test for ehrlichiosis, borreliosis, anaplasmosis and heartworm ("4 D Snaptest").
All cats are vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and tested with a rapid test for FIV and FeLV.
When the dogs and cats are old enough, they are also neutered.


Depending on the country, the placement is done through different intermediaries / associations, all of which have the necessary requirements and permits.

Please note that the heights and weights given on this page are often approximate. The age is estimated.



All animals travel officially registered with Traces.

Traces (TRAde Control and Expert System) is a database system introduced by the European Union (EU) to record all animal traffic within the EU as well as from and to the EU.

Please allow approx. 1-1.5 hours driving time to pick up your pet at the respective meeting point.

The route will be planned individually per transport and during the journey you will be kept up to date via a transport chat.

The animals travel in a specially equipped transporter with permanently installed boxes, air conditioning and care.



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