We urgently need helping hands in Maria's shelter in Sibiu and since "a trip to the shelter in the middle of nowhere in Romania" always sounds like "oh no, I'd rather not do that", we're shedding some light here. A network of helpers is bitterly needed, in the shelter there is since the beginning only the minimum care, which is in the long run simply too little for the animals.


Through a single visit, one can already offer an improvement to sooo many animals, thanks to our visit in July 2021, 3 dogs are shorn, which would have otherwise suffered from matted fur plates unbelievable heat at 33 degrees...All dogs are now finally seen, because there was time for photos, videos and walking, which gives them a chance to find a home. Many dogs had quality Time, there were treats and petting every day, feces was removed several times a day so everything was always clean all day. The camp is cleaned up again and we were able to communicate what is really missing there and how we will tackle things together in the future.


🔨⚒🛠👩🌾🧑🔧👷♀️👷👩🦰🧑🦱👩🌾But for this we need hands. Craftsmen. Caressing hands and caressing craftsmen :) Everyone has their assets that they can bring to the Shelter in a self-determined way. No matter if strong, weak, big, small, young or old...we need hands


🇹🇩⬅️🚗 The Shelter is located in the Carpathian Mountains around Sibiu / Herrmannstadt; by car the journey is possible via Austria / Hungary, from Munich this is 1200 km / about 12 hours journey. The shelter is located on a busy road 800 m to the right on a dirt road, easy to reach. In bad weather, you leave the vehicle in front on the dirt road (hidden. Since nix happens), in dry weather you can drive up to the shelter.


🚍⛺️🏕 Pitch for caravan / camper or tent site with vieeeeel space in great surroundings!


✈️✈️ Wizz Air flies for an appel and an egg from the following airports to Sibiu / Herrmannstadt:




Karlsruhe Baden

Munich Memmingen



The current flight in September costs a total of 76 euros round trip with 20 kg of luggage, this as a side note.


With several people, a rental car from the airport is definitely worthwhile.


If you are traveling alone, you are welcome to be picked up by Maria, but Maria does not have the capacity to play cab every day, I hope you understand! But talk to us, we will find solutions! :)


A small rental car is available via e.g. Check24 (unpaid advertising) already from 25-30 euros per day.


Hoteltechnically this hotel is very recommendable, it is only 3 km away from the shelter, you don't have to drive into the city and it is clean, cheap with restaurant and burger bar. It has no air conditioning, but the rooms are pleasantly cool and fly screens protect against annoying mosquitoes at night.




Rooms cost between 35 and 50 euros per night, depending on the website and availability.


Currently we are saving up for a living container on wheels so that we can offer free accommodation directly at the shelter. This will be located about 100 meters away from the dogs under a huge old tree, which provides shade in the summer. We have a well and thus running water in several places as well as solar energy. Nevertheless, it is a shelter in the middle of nature; luxury should not be expected.


🍆🥑🥦🍞🍗🥚🧀🥨 🥖Food and drink Maria brings every day fresh to the shelter and also the fried potatoes from the gas stove are not to be despised :) She makes sure that you are well and lack nothing at the Shelter!


If you have any questions, write us!!!🙊💪