Why sponsorships?


Why are sponsorships so important to us?


We are financed exclusively from donations and are therefore dependent on them.


The supply of over 300 dogs with food, plus food for dogs in public shelters or on the streets, often gives us big challenges.

In addition, there are large sums for veterinary bills. Sick, injured, abused or completely neglected animals are often found or brought to the public shelter by the dog catchers. Thanks to your support we can help.


In order to be able to do all of this month after month, the sponsorships are important to us. The sponsorships give us a monthly secure "income" with which we can continue to ensure the care (medical and food) of our dogs.


How does it work?


Send us an email and sponsor a dog or cat.

A full sponsorship for a dog is € 35 per month,


A food sponsorship at € 25 per month.


 What do I get for that?


The good feeling of having accompanied a dog on its way to a happier life - that is priceless.