For years and years we are taking care of dogs and cats that have no one and need help in Romania, a country where animals have no lobby.

In our private sanctuary we currently have over 350 dogs and about 30 cats looking for a home for life.

Where does the high number of animals come from?

  • The dogs are from kill shelters, public shelters or have been abandoned and found injured.
  • The cats have also been abandoned or found injured and would not have had a chance to survie on their own.

In kill shelters, the time limit often expires after 14 days and the dogs are cruelly killed.
In public shelters, the dogs - caught by dog catchers with a painful snare - are locked up with sometimes hundreds of other dogs, never come out, are inadequately cared for, fed or cleaned. This leads to bites among the animals, which are often fatal.

On top of all this, there are countless street dogs that we feed so that they are at least less hungry from time to time. By participating in neutering projects, we try to encourage the population to neuter their dogs and cats in order to reduce new offspring and animal misery a little.

Hope for Future is our motto, we hope to be able to offer a better future for the animals. But for this we need your support!
Hope for future is not an independent organisation, it is more to be understood as the overall term for our common, transnational effort to help the animals.

This homepage was created with the aim of giving animals looking for a home a common platform. Since the helpers in Germany, Denmark, France or Belgium, just like Maria and Adrian in Romania, do everything voluntarily in their free time and it takes a lot of time to maintain such a platform, this joint homepage www.hope-for-future.com was created, which can be used by everyone.

Together, we are partners to support the animals' hope for a better future.:
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Hope for future e.V.


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Maria & Adrians Shelter


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Duke helpt dieren in nood


 Together for a better future - with YOUR help.


Maria Cristina and Adrian

A life only for the animals. 24 hours a day - 365 days.


In August 2019 we had to complete our new, private shelter within just 30 days and move the dogs here, as we were no longer wanted at the previous location and the dogs were no longer safe.

The new shelter now offers a safe refuge for the animals far away from the neighborhood.
But that also brings many challenges. There is no road to the shelter, just a dirt road whose large potholes had to be filled with large stones by us in order to be reasonably passable.
There is no connection to the public electricity or water supply.
One cannot imagine what massive exertions and additional burdens this means.

In our private shelter, the dogs live in open kennels that serve as protection from rain, cold and heat and that the door to the large run is always open. Some kennels are closed to protect certain dogs (small, old, weak), but even there the animals live in packs and we do our best to make life as pleasant as possible for you through donations in kind such as soft beds and treats. Nevertheless, the shelter is a shelter and cannot be compared to a home.

For some, it's just a stopover on the way to a home of their own. For many, however, it is unfortunately the only home they will ever get to know and have.

It is especially difficult for old, sick or large dogs.

We want to take care of these dogs as well as possible. We can't do it alone.

Our everyday life in Romania.
We cannot turn a blind eye to emergencies like these and help.

Feeding street dogs that have no one:

Food for public shelters:

Public shelters in which the dogs are locked up day and night.

The animal rights activists take photos of the caged dogs so that they have a chance to leave this public shelter at some point. Many dogs have not seen the sun or felt grass under their paws for years