The shelter viewed from the air ...


How it started....

The former home for the many dogs until summer 2019. Unwanted and hostile by the neighborhood, it had to be left.


Many dogs had to move to their new "home".

A piece of land was found far away from any neighborhood and a new refuge was created here for the many dogs.,
A place where the many dogs can live safely, learn to trust people again and hopefully find a real home of their own.
For many, many dogs, this wish will not come true. Too many dogs are waiting there to be seen and adopted.
Many dogs are anxious, old, or sick and need treatment. There are around 50 black dogs there alone, black dogs have a little harder time finding a home.
For all of these dogs, we want to keep working to improve this refuge.
Even getting there is challenging, especially in bad weather. A simple dirt road is the only way to get there.
As advantageous as the neighborhood without neighbors is, it also has many disadvantages.
There is no connection to the public water or electricity supply.

Thanks to a donation, a well could be built with a pump to provide water for the dogs.